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5 most unique planets in No Man's Sky that players can encounter (2022)

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Out of 18 quintillion planets located all across the No Man's Sky universe, players often come across some anomalies that are both unique and weird in their own way.

It can be the planet itself, the flora, or even the animals in its atmosphere.There is always something magical about the world of No Man's Sky, and it never seems to end.

The game lets you discover as many galaxies as you want by following a quest path or by ultimately going off the charts on your own.

During the journey, you will experience some unexpected entities in space.The following article lists five unique planets you might encounter during your No Man's Sky journey, along with endless space.Temporary planets are one of the rarest planet types found in No Man's Sky, which can be identified from space by their small hexagonal and square shapes on the surface.

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