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The Most Startling Welcome To Plathville Style Transformations Ranked

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Even though when viewers first met the Plath family on Welcome to Plathville they were modest dressers, it seems that over the years, they picked up a tip or two.

Kim and Barry Plath raised their children with conservative values and little style. But after four seasons, there have been some extreme transformations, leaving fans to wonder which Plath changed the most.

The Plath family was introduced to TLC viewers as Christian fundamentalists. This meant that the children were expected to dress nicely, with the girls, in particular, covering their knees, chest, and shoulders.

While the Plath's lifestyle was unorthodox to most viewers, the kids seemed to embrace living modestly. Kim and Barry Plath didn't really allow self-expression within their home as they kept their children under strict rules, which included no TV or sugar.

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