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Zenless Zone Zero's closed beta has started, offering glimpses of its Genshin Impact-style combat

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Zenless Zone Zero has begun its closed beta. If you don't know the name, it's Hoyoverse's upcoming free-to-play action-RPG which draws on their experience making Genshin Impact (and its many antecedents) but places those combat and RPG systems within a roguelike structure.

Because it's now in closed beta, the internet is covered in videos showing it in action, and its action looks nice. Here's a video of the first 40 minutes from The Game Club on YouTube (h/t PC Gamer): The combat really does look a lot like Genshin Impact (or Honkai Impact 3rd, I'm told).

Your characters sprint and dash, have ranged or melee attacks depending on type, and build up meters to launch special attacks.

You can also hot-swap between the party of characters you've taken into battle, and use those switches to string together special combos.

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