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YouTuber Creates SNES Demake of Elden Ring

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While remakes or remasters of an older game can breathe new life into it, a demake brings up a more nostalgic feeling for gamers, as it shows what current titles would look like were they made on older machines.

With YouTubers and independent programmers sharing demake videos and even playable games, such as a recent N64 Portal recreation, it seems that there's still a demand for making new titles look like they belong on classic machines.

With Elden Ring being one of the most popular titles of 2022, it is no surprise that it has received a few demakes.The latest Elden Ring demake comes from YouTuber 64 Bits, who has previously made other nostalgic gaming videos such as showing what a crossover between Mass Effect and Advance Wars would look like.

Now, they've created a short video showing what the Lands Between would look like on an SNES. Even with only around 90 seconds of footage, this demake is highly impressive, as it completely reimagines Elden Ring for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.Elden Ring Demake Shows What Game Would Look Like on PS1A 16-bit graphical style replaces Elden Ring's more modern look, beginning first from a top-down perspective before switching to a sidescrolling point of view when the player is depicted fighting through some of the game's areas.

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