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WoW Tokens “antithetical” to Classic, but Blizz hopes you won’t notice

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Classic WoW Tokens are here, and they’re not going away despite Blizzard’s own admission that they feel “antithetical” to the Classic World of Warcraft experience.

The real-money item that can be sold via the in-game auction house functions as a way to effectively buy gold in the MMORPG, and its arrival this week has been less than well received.

Leading community figures have condemned the move, the game’s biggest subreddit has gone into meltdown, and now Blizzard has put out a lengthy explanation.

Obviously sensing a need to respond following the outcry to news of the WoW Token coming to World of Warcraft Classic, WoW community manager Randy ‘Kaivax’ Jordan has shared a post on the official World of Warcraft forum discussing the move, which he says “wasn’t something we arrived at lightly.” Indeed, he tells players, “When WoW Classic started in 2019, adding something like [the WoW] Token felt unimaginable to us.” The scarcity of gold in Vanilla WoW (the original base game) and its Burning Crusade expansion are a huge part of the experience.

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