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Wordle hint and answer #638: Sunday, March 19

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All the Wordle(opens in new tab) help you could possibly need is waiting for you on this very page. Improve every game with our handy tips and guides, read a clue written especially for the March 19 (638) game, or skip straight to the win with today's Wordle answer—it's entirely up to you.

The good thing about starting with a clean slate after a loss is there's not much to lose, so I was perhaps a little braver today than I'd otherwise be.

Thanks to a fantastic opener and an even better follow-up, I managed to solve today's tricky Wordle in just three guesses. Today's answer refers to a statement of belief, the principles that may guide someone's actions and decisions.

It's also the name of a non-playable character in Devil May Cry 4, if you can remember that far back. You'll need to find two vowels today.

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