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Will Arma Reforger be present in the Bohemia Interactive Showcase? Date, where to watch, and more

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The news of Bohemia Interactive showcasing the future of the Arma series has been out for some time now. It has been several years since the third game was launched, and since then, it has been a standout success.Bohemia Interactive has several notable franchises under its wings, but the future of the military shooter will focus on the upcoming showcase.

As a bonus, fans can get information about an entirely new game in the form of Reforger.Earlier on May 14, a series of documents belonging to Bohemia Interactive were leaked on Reddit.

Arma getting at least another game has been the general expectation of fans so far.However, their experience is set to expand further with the release of Reforger, which will be a brand new experience for the fans.

It will also mark the series' entry to both Xbox and Sony consoles.Given that the showcase will display the future of the entire Arma series, Reforger will be present in all likelihood.It hasn't been confirmed as yet exactly what the fans will be able to get, but given the state of the game, according to the documents, one can easily make a guess.Moreover, the leaked documents show the ambitions as far as the game's scope is concerned.

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