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Why WWE Can't Bring Back The Attitude Era (No Matter Their TV Rating)

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The unpredictable Attitude Era represented WWE's highest heights of popularity, but a return to a TV-14 rating will not lead to that style of programming's return.

In late 1997, when the seeds of the Attitude Era first began to blossom, WWE was in a bad place. After the formation and rise of the extremely popular nWo stable, rival company WCW had taken the lead spot in pro wrestling away from Vince McMahon's empire for the first time since Hulkamania began running wild in the mid-1980s.

WCW Nitro was beating WWE's flagship program Raw in the ratings every Monday night. The nWo was a merchandise cash cow, and WCW's talent roster was one of the best ever.

Under the leadership of executive Eric Bischoff and bolstered by ex-WWE stars like Scott Hall, WCW was the cool place to go for wrestling and seemed hip and edgy.

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