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Who is Paul Dodds? Exploring the $150,000 fraudulent donations he made to Ryan Trahan's 1 penny 1 million meals challenge

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Paul Dodds had been an active donor to Ryan Trahan's new challenge, which involves traversing the entirety of the US to deliver a penny to Mr Beast.

Trahan's main goal, however, is to use the 30-day event as a fundraiser for the NGO Feeding America, which provides relief through its robust network of food banks, soup kitchens and shelters.

Why a penny? Trahan recently discovered that the penny is going extinct.The catch is that the YouTuber must start his journey with only one penny and trade his way through the country without getting anyone's help.

There is also a slight complication of the 'Great Reset' where Ryan has to start over from $0.01 if his fundraiser reaches $50,000 or if someone, like Mr Beast himself, donates the amount directly.Paul, the scammer, was topping the donor list with his gradual donations of quite large amounts of money.

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