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Who are the strongest emblem characters in Fire Emblem Engage?

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Fire Emblem Engage is more of a side title in the long-running tactical RPG franchise. It’s a tribute to the classic games that make up the series, with players able to summon several familiar heroes.

Emblem bearers from past titles can be summoned using the game's rings. While most characters will be useful in certain aspects of your strategy, some are stronger than others.Considering that Fire Emblem Engage is still a new title, more work needs to be done to determine the absolute top-tier emblem bearers.

Nevertheless, we have picked out some characters that players should focus on, and as the power of other characters becomes revealed, we will revisit this list and add more protagonists to it.This list will only feature characters summoned with rings in Fire Emblem Engage, and not the main protagonist or any of the recruitable party members that follow.This article reflects the personal views of the author.Celica is the premier mage emblem in Fire Emblem Engage.

Her Echo ability allows her to split her magic attacks, so she can blast two targets with magic at once. That’s already potentially devastating before her other primary ability.

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