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What if Elden Ring Was Released on the SNES?

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There's something about Elden Ring that makes people want to reimagine it for older consoles. Case in point: A new "demake" from the folks at 64 Bits that shows what Elden Ring might have been like as a Super Nintendo Entertainment System title released nearly 20 years ago.

64 Bits are no strangers to demakes. Their previous work includes Monster Hunter(Opens in a new window) for the Game Boy Color, God of War(Opens in a new window) on the original PlayStation, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim(Opens in a new window) for Tiger Handheld Electronics. (The only platform the game hasn't actually been released on.) Now the channel has released a video depicting Elden Ring for the SNES: This isn't the first time Elden Ring has been "demade." A developer called "shintendo" announced in April that they were creating a version of the game for the Game Boy, and unlike the 64 Bits demake, this version would actually be playable on the original hardware.

Elden Ring GB is now available to play on the website(Opens in a new window). And, true to their word, shintendo says players can download the demake and flash it to a Game Boy cartridge to play it on the original hardware.

Now we know what a leading title from 2022 would've played like in 1993. There's something incredible about watching animators, developers, and other creators rally around Elden Ring.

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