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Welcome To Wrexham: Episode 9 Review

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After a couple of more laid-back episodes, Welcome to Wrexham dishes out its first hour-long entry to give audiences its best look at what it’s like to own a professional soccer team, even one in the depths of English football’s National League, and it’s both a lot of fun and a lot of work.That is because “Welcome Home” really does a great job of summing up the sports owner experience from both Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds’ point of view, as well as that of the people whose lives were absolutely turned upside down when the two men decided to buy Wrexham.

For fans, this essentially means getting to see the fun aspects that Football Manager can’t quite replicate to alleviate the responsibilities owners face, but most notably it also shows the two actors are getting better at their new jobs.FIFA 23: Everything Revealed About the Ted Lasso ContentIf Welcome to Wrexham's last episode saw McElhenney and Reynolds attend their first away game, it’s now time to take a trip to their new home and finally experience all the warmth the Racecourse has to offer, and also see firsthand where their money is being invested. “Welcome Home” kicks off rather adequately with a brief intro from the club’s groundsman and his apprentice because the docuseries manages to put Wrexham’s people back in the spotlight in an episode that’s supposed to be all about the Hollywood stars.So yes, Buddy Holly’s “Everyday” may still be the series’ intro song, but McElhenney and Reynolds hitting Wrexham is definitely not an everyday occurrence for the townspeople.

Meanwhile, viewers also get some hard numbers as they McElhenney and Reynolds’ Wrexham venture is costing them just over $1.3m a year in losses until the club gets promoted to League Two, English

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