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We've run the numbers and Nvidia's RTX 4080 cards don't add up

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And so it begins. The next-gen graphics fest we've all been waiting for is here. And yet I'm already massively disappointed.

Nvidia has pulled the wraps off its new RTX 40-series graphics, otherwise known as Ada Lovelace, and the numbers don't add up.

The top-end RTX 4090(opens in new tab) board and the AD102 GPU it contains look great from a technical perspective. But what Nvidia is doing with the two RTX 4080 boards(opens in new tab) is deeply, deeply disappointing, perhaps even cynical.

Let's demonstrate that with numbers. Lots of numbers. When Nvidia launched the existing Ampere generation and the RTX 30-series roughly two years ago, the RTX 3080(opens in new tab) series board was a slightly cut-down version of the RTX 3090 using the same GA102 chip and with around 80% of the functional units of its bigger sibling.

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