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Toxic Crusaders beat-em up revealed, releasing this year

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Toxic Crusaders has been revealed by Retroware and it is going to be beat-em-up which will support between one to four players.

The Toxic Crusaders was a cartoon from the early 1990’s running from 1991 to 1993, which itself was based on the Toxic Avenger films.

The game will feature seven playable characters including oxie, No-Zone, Junkyard, Major Disaster, Headbanger, Yvonne, and Mrs Junko.The story outline for Toxic Crusaders says, “When the evil Dr.

Killemoff attacks, only one team of hideously deformed creatures of superhuman size and strength stands between him and his plans for global pollution: the Toxic Crusaders, earth’s last, greatest and ugliest hope for survival!

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