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TimTheTatman bursts out laughing as Dr DisRespect pretends to take his sunglasses off after dying in Warzone

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Dr Disrespect and TimTheTatman are legendary for their daily Warzone and Valorant duo streams. Since moving to YouTube for various reasons, they have become a highly entertaining double act on the Google-owned platform.The infamous Doc is known for his on-stream antics, which often become the reason he gets into trouble.

However, for the most part, his over-the-top energy and highly charged streams dovetail well with Tim's more calculating gameplay.A clip of TimTheTatman's hilarious reaction to Dr Disrespect's well-known "It's time to take the sunglasses off" bit has gone viral.The incident happened before the two streamers joined up to play COD.

Tim pulled up Doc's stream to assess his mood:As Tim watches the stream, Doc dies as he mistakes a burst MG for an auto-fire gun.

This is where the former shines in his role. In fact, moments before it happened, Tim called it:As if out of a script, the Doc gets into a fight, dies and then claims that he had no idea about the weapon:Well, the Doc didn't really lose his temper as usual and took it in stride instead.

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