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This streamer is playing Jump King, except every wrong move drops him into a dunk tank

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It's notoriously hard to cut through the noise on Twitch: for every million-sub streamer, there are tens of thousands of aspiring streamers with almost no views.

Streamer KeatDawg has come up with a good way to get attention, though: self-punishment, in the form of a dunk tank contraption.

As you can probably guess, KeatDawg's nasty machine drops him into a tub of water every time he fails. And if being dunked in a tub of water with every mistake isn't bad enough, KeatDawg is playing Jump King, a notoriously tough platformer about scaling an increasingly ludicrous tower with jumps alone.

Needless to say, KeatDawg is getting very wet. PROGRESS STREAM. After 4 streams I finally escaped world 2 after 254 dunks. 7 worlds to go (I only dunked 222 times in the main game...) 29, 2022 KeatDawg is a 19-year-old from Georgia who, according to their bio, usually plays Valorant, Minecraft, Risk of Rain 2 and Overwatch.

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