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This Deadpool 2 Character Deserves Their Own Movie

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Sometimes, the studios managing the massive cinematic universes that dominate modern filmmaking throw a few characters into a project as a screen test to see which ones earn their keep.

Other times, a character hits the screen organically in a supporting role and finds an audience ready and willing to see more.Domino was created in the early 90s and introduced to the enormous X-Men universe by artist and co-writer Rob Liefeld, the same controversial creator who crafted Deadpool.

She's never quite made the A-list, but she's been a fixture of cartoons and video games over the years. Her live-action debut came almost 30 years after her first appearance, and it deviated from the source in a few big ways.Morena Baccarin Keeps Texting Ryan Reynolds For Deadpool 3 UpdatesFor the uninitiated, Deadpool 2 sees the merc' with a mouth pitted against a threat he's convinced he can't take alone, so he undertakes the time-honored tradition of gathering a superhero team.

X-Force, the slightly derivative team he puts together, is staffed almost entirely by unknowns who are killed off as quickly as they appear.

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