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There's Still Time To Save Red Dead Online

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Red Dead Online has been one of Rockstar's more criticized offerings in recent years. Over the course of the game's existence, fans have spoken up on multiple occasions about being dissatisfied with the state of the game and its updates.

Although the game is several years into its lifespan, there is still an opportunity for Rockstar to salvage its reputation. There have been a variety of issues that players have reported involving Red Dead Online, and calls for Rockstar to work more heavily on improving the game are frequent.

There is clearly still a fanbase for the game, considering their pleas. If the game is fixed in a satisfactory manner, then they would clearly be happy to play without complaints.

The main issue is that the game's flaws have yet to be worked out. Related: How Red Dead Online Expansions Could Be Better Than GTA Online Heists With dataminers uncovering a potential RDO update, the game could have a chance to recover some of its lost reputation.

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