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The original Assassins Creed horses are "just twisted f***ed up human skeletons"

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A former Assassin's Creed's developer has revealed that the original games' horses are, essentially, "just a twisted f**ked up human skeleton", alongside some other harrowing development titbits.

Game developer Charles Randall explains on Twitter that the team had to improvise when creating horses for the game due to technical limitations.

As such, they mangled the model of a human skeleton to make it look like a horse (thanks, RPS (opens in new tab)). "Cheers to the amazing animators and riggers that managed to make that guy look like a horse," Randall tweets.

Ubisoft also didn't have the budget for a custom skeleton or mesh for a one-armed character called Malik, leading the developers to turn one of his arms inside out to give the illusion the appendage was missing. "I assume if you could get the camera to clip into him you'd see a tiny little scrunched up arm inside the bicep," he adds.

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