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The Challenge: How Wes Bergmann Put A Target On His Back

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Wes Bergmann may be in trouble on The Challenge: All-Stars, after seemingly making himself a target during the first competition.

Wes has a reputation in the franchise, as he is willing to play a dirty game in order to finesse his way into the finals. Despite how much he's matured over the years, Wes is still Wes.

He returned to the show ready to live up to his reputation by taking out the strongest players. Season 3 brought back some of the strongest alums, all of whom competed in a final during their early years on the show.

It was Wes' first time joining the All-Stars, and his return after Double Agents. He came into the house trusting no one except his old housemates on The Real World: Austin, Nehemiah Clark and Melinda Collins.

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