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Looks like I'm eating humble pie. Episode 1 of the new season of «Picard» is the best (admittedly a very low bar) new «Star Trek» I've seen since the Berman era ended — on this evidence, the replacement showrunner has not only seen an episode of «TNG» before, but actually understands and (crucially) likes these characters.

Long may it continue. Edited on by LN78 @LN78 The dialogue and chemistry between Riker and Picard almost brought me to tears @GreatAuk I don't know if it was because I went in with subterranean expectations (my brother convinced me to give it a try) after the frankly disastrous previous two seasons, but it was precisely that chemistry that won me over — how could something so basic and essential to the success of the franchise have been completely missing before?

The dinner scene with the new captain of the Titan was the best thing so far in «Nu-Trek» by a mile. The only real negative for me was the constant dangling of the member-berries — that might actually get worse if they're going to (as I suspect) drip feed the introduction of each of the «TNG» crew across multiple episodes before engaging (no pun) with the plot proper.

Anyway, I'm intrigued enough to watch another episode, which considered my overall antipathy towards Kurtzman era «Trek» is a minor miracle.

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