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Superman & Lois Is Ruining One Of Its Greatest Arrowverse Differences

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Warning: Spoilers for Superman & Lois season 2, episode 14 Recent developments with two of the show’s main characters mean that Superman & Lois is quickly ruining one of its best differences from the other Arrowverse shows.

In the span of just a few episodes, Superman & Lois has made some massive changes to the status quo. Just recently, one character in Clark’s life found out his biggest secret, and now yet another is on the cusp of making that discovery as well.

On the heels of Clark’s decision to finally tell Lana that he’s Superman, the series dropped a similar bombshell on Sarah. Throughout the series, Jordan’s love interest has been in the dark about what’s really going on in Smallville and how all of its events connect to the Kent family.

For a long time, Jordan has agonized over Sarah being left out of the loop and not knowing the real reason for his disappearances and odd behavior.

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