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Street Fighter Duel isn’t a game, it’s a casino

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For somebody who plays as many mobile games as I do, I was perhaps a bit too gullible about what Street Fighter Duel would be in the weeks leading up to its launch.

I mean, I probably could have scoured the web for deets on it from its soft launch (or just read the story Chris Moyse wrote on it two years ago), but this fool decided he wanted to go into it blind so as not to ruin the hope that, based on one screenshot of the gameplay, the game would be something similar to Project X Zone.

I literally wrote that a month ago. I shouldn’t have needed hindsight to know that was dumb. Foresight should have been able to tell me that.

But I held onto that hope up until I downloaded the game and discovered it’s just another auto-battler blanketed in an obscene amount of menus.

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