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Steam Deck “Verified” Games Won’t Stop Breaking

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The Steam Deck was a smash hit when it started shipping in 2022, providing one of the best ways to play PC games in a handheld console form factor.

However, the Steam Deck has a problem that is getting worse: games that are verified to work don’t actually work.Valve’s Steam Deck console runs a custom Linux-based operating system, called “SteamOS.” You can install Windows, but it’s a worse experience and not fully supported.

Most PC games still don’t support Linux, which is where Proton comes into the picture. Proton is a customized version of the Wine compatibility layer with a focus on games, allowing many modern Windows games to run unmodified on Linux platforms like SteamOS.

The independent ProtonDB database reports over 16,000 games were recommended (at one point or another) by Proton users as fully compatible.You can run just about any Windows game in the Proton compatibility layer, but whether or not the game will be playable is a whole different story.

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