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Skyrim Glitch Shows Revered Dragon Head Sticking Out of the Ground

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A Skyrim player has happened upon a rather strange occurrence of one of the game's dragons seemingly being buried in the ground up to its neck.

With Bethesda now working on The Elder Scrolls 6, one thing that many fans will be wondering is whether or not the next installment in the long-running RPG franchise will be just as riddled with glitches as the developer's previous work.

After nearly 11 years, gamers are still finding some weird issues, which is a cause for concern, even if some of them are quite amusing.Anyone who's played the 2011 epic will know that dragons form an integral part of Skyrim's main storyline, often seen majestically swooping overhead before moving in to attack a village or the Dragonborn themselves.

However, given the bugs the game contains that have existed pretty much since day one, that essence of majesty can certainly be taken away when it transpires that one of these winged beasts has somehow managed to get itself stuck in the floor.Skyrim Mod Reinstates Creepy Bug That Bethesda FixedThat's what Reddit user and Skyrim player mhb2 spotted, at least.

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