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Silt Looks Like a Limbo Version of Subnautica

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Silt is an upcoming indie game that plunges the player into an ocean filled with dangerous sea creatures. Its puzzle-style gameplay along with its monochrome visuals are reminiscent of the popular game Limbo.

Meanwhile, its setting in the deep, dark ocean is evocative of Subnautica’s beautiful yet terrifying world.The atmospheric indie game Silt is set to release on June 1, and will be the debut title of Spiral Circus Games.What You Should Know About Dolmen Before LaunchSilt takes place in an underwater world where nature has evolved to the point that is no longer recognizable as an earthly ocean.

It’s populated by all sorts of creatures, ranging from tiny fry to gargantuan beasts. The game’s environments also vary, with some appearing like deep-sea, bioluminescent biomes and others looking eerily mechanical — out of place in the depths of the ocean.

This immediately conjures up an image of Subnautica and its terrifying setting.Both games are set in the ocean, and while both certainly have a number of gorgeous environments, they also have their fair share of eerie set pieces and unsettling locations.

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