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Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Best Gobbet Build

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In a campaign so heavily involving spirits and the supernatural, you'd expect the resident Shaman to be a pretty powerful character - and that much is true.

Gobbet is a fantastic spellcaster companion in Shadowrun: Hong Kong. RELATED: Shadowrun Trilogy: Best Shaman Builds She's a Rat Shaman with plenty of great spells to use and abuse during battle and a wicked SMG to fall back on when spells just aren't cutting it.

Investing your time into planning out her skills will pay dividends. Companions get to choose new upgrades with every two missions that you complete, regardless of whether they actually went on the missions themselves.

Gobbet's skill trees are Territoriality and Spiritualist. The former helps her deal more damage and be a more effective spellcaster, while the second exclusively deals with her ability to summon Spirits and control them.

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