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Shadow Hearts Trademark Renewed

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There are likely many gamers who have never heard of the Shadow Hearts series. Serving as a spin-off follow-up to the PS1 RPG Koudelka, the first entry of the series gained a cult following, with its sequel Shadow Hearts: Covenant gaining more widespread popularity.Unfortunately, the Shadow Hearts series has been largely inaccessible to new gamers and those who no longer own a PlayStation 2, as the RPG is stuck on the PS2.

It hasn't been ported or remade, but now a trademark has been filed for the series, sparking hope that gamers will get a chance to play it.Sony Announces Major PlayStation Plus ChangesIn Japan, Universal Entertainment filed a trademark for Shadow Hearts on April 27, which just recently went public.

There hasn't been an official statement from Universal Entertainment regarding the reason behind the new trademark. The original developer of the series, Nautilus, was eventually absorbed by Universal Entertainment and game development was shut down a few years after the release of the final series entry, Shadow Hearts: From the New World.Although Universal previously stated that it had no intention of rebooting or remaking the franchise, anything is possible.

Now that the PlayStation Plus service is preparing to bring back numerous games from the PS2 era via streaming, it's possible that Universal may have filed for the trademark so that the series could be offered on the service.

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