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Sega Games That Need Remakes or Remasters

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Remakes and remasters are being released left and right these days, with nearly every major company bringing back its classic titles with a fresh coat of paint.

Sony had the Demon's Souls remake, Nintendo released Super Mario 3D All Stars, and Capcom has remade Resident Evil 2. SEGA is one of the other big names in the industry, with a library of games that dates back to the late 80s.

Despite this, the company has yet to make as much of a push for these kinds of games as much as its competition does.This isn't due to SEGA not having enough content, as that couldn't be further from the truth.

If SEGA truly wanted to, it has plenty of material to dive back on and re-release for modern audiences to enjoy. From cult classics to overlooked gems, here are a handful of quality SEGA games that deserve a remake or remaster.The Sonic Cinematic Universe Needs to Address Recent Games CarefullyIn the early days of the MCU, tie-in video games were released for most of the movies from Phase One.

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