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Rust August Update Adds More to Above-Ground Railway, Improves Lighting, etc.

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Facepunch Studios' online survival game Rust can feel like a grueling challenge for newcomers, with its trigger-happy players and onslaught of vicious wildlife.

However, as a game with lots of items to craft, it does afford fans the means with which they can make it through each night, difficult though it can be.

Despite its punishing nature, or perhaps because of it, it's popular among a lot of people who enjoy an online experience, and the studio is consistently rolling out pretty significant updates.With that in-mind, the developer has recently announced the August patch for Rust, which, like a lot of these updates, comes with a bevy of changes and tweaks.

As well as the introduction of two new throwable items, namely a flash bang and a Molotov cocktail, there's also been some improvements to the overall lighting, as well as some quality-of-life adjustments, including updating wooden signs and making it easier to climb cliffs.

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