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Plug One.1 god roll guide for Destiny 2 PvP and PvE

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The usage rate of Fusion Rifles has dwindled in Destiny 2 PvP due to the recent buffs of different weapon archetypes. Players are focusing more on fights with primary weapons rather than charging in with a Shotgun or Fusions.

This has somewhat shifted the meta in Season 17, with nothing broken being discovered to shift it again.However, with the Arc 3.0 next season, the meta is bound to be shifted to a different track altogether.

Players will be using new Aspects and Fragments, alongside new weapons, to test out builds in playlists. One of the most popular Arc weapons in the game, Plug One.1, will be leaving the loot pool next season.With Bungie giving the community one last chance at getting the weapon, everyone is eyeing the best possible rolls for it in both PvP and PvE.The Plug One.1 is a Precision Framed Fusion Rifle, similar to the likes of Main Ingredient, Snorri, and Deliverance.

It comes with the Arc element and can be acquired from Nightfall activities. As mentioned before, the Plug One.1 will be exiting the loot pool next season, which means the ongoing week will be the last one for farming.This weapon can be used to obliterate small-range to medium-range enemies in crunch situations and can also deal decent damage to major bosses.

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