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Destiny 2 leaks confirm two returning PvP maps in future seasons

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Bungie has been planning a lot of things for the future of Destiny 2, and it seems like PvP maps are one of them. While the latest map from The Witch Queen expansion has been on the receiving end of controversy, players have been vocal about their likes and dislikes regarding the future of PvP.With a bunch of things already being confirmed by the company itself, a lot of leaks have surfaced on the internet.

This information is being brought to the community by reputed leakers, as most of the things they have leaked in the past turned out to be true.To summarize, the latest leaked information contains the confirmation of two Destiny 1 maps, which will be returning to Destiny 2.

The Firebase Delphi map is scheduled for Season 19, while the Cathedral of Dusk is scheduled for Season 18.Disclaimer: This article is based on leaks and should be taken with a grain of salt.The most recent leaks come from one of the most well-known leakers in the community, DestinyTwoLeaks.

It pretty much confirms the upcoming maps for the next two seasons, with Firebase Delphi in Season 19 and Cathedral of Dusk in Season 18.Their Twitter account uploaded the following:While there was no follow-up to this, the account did reply to one of the tweets that asked them for "Cathedral of Dusk." DestinyTwoLeaks further stated:Firebase Delphi is based on Mars, consisting of structures similar to the ones in Destiny 2's Vox Obscura mission.

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