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Today's Wordle 417 answer and hint: Wednesday, August 10

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You'll find today's Wordle answer as well as all the advice you need to reach the solution to the August 10 (417) puzzle on your own right here.

Whether you just want a little help or would like to read a deep dive into tactical Wordle play, you'll find it all just below.

I couldn't have planned the incredible «staircase» of green boxes my guesses made today even if I'd tried. I got the first place green on the first go, then the second green on the next, and then the third, and the fourth… not a single yellow in sight the whole way down.

Against all odds I even got my Hollywood ending too, the fifth go successfully completing this very strange run. Today's answer is a word generally used when someone is holding on very tightly to someone or something else—even if just by their fingertips.

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