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League of Legends North America server downtime (August 18): Maintenance schedule, offline period, and more

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The North American League of Legends servers will be down for approximately 12 hours today (August 18, 2022) as a part of Riot’s maintenance schedule.Although having servers go offline for quick updates and maintenance is something that the developers have been prone to doing in the past, it has rarely been around for as long as 12 hours.However, it seems that the maintenance will last longer than usual today.

As officially tweeted by Riot Games and even mentioned on the server status website, the MOBA’s servers will be down for half a day.According to the developers, the North American League of Legends servers will begin maintenance on 08/18/2022 at 1:00 am PST until 08/18/2022 at 1:00 pm PST.

The launcher will also be down during this time, and along with the MOBA, the board game Teamfight Tactics will also be unplayable during this period.Extended downtimes like this are rather rare for a Riot Games IP, and while League of Legends has seen its fair share of server maintenance schedules, it has hardly ever enjoyed an offline period that is this long.This has gotten many in the community quite curious as to why the developers are opting for a 12-hour maintenance schedule this time around.

Unfortunately, the developers are yet to provide too many details on this and have just mentioned in their recent tweet that the downtime is related to their aim of improving the gameplay experience in League of Legends.An engine update is also likely possible.

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