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Revisiting Kanto: Cerulean City Is Surprisingly Soulless

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Thank you, intrepid travelers, for once more rejoining my journey across Kanto as a tourist, taking in the sights of the first Pokemon region and soaking up everything it has to offer.

Or, if you're just joining me, hello, and welcome to Cerulean City. It has taken me two months to reach Cerulean, a journey that once took a few hours and even these days would only take a couple of evenings if I played the game as intended, but I already feel richer for the experience.

Cerulean is the earliest place in the game that I might count amongst my favourites. I've gained a new appreciation for Viridian City, Pewter City, and Mt.

Moon so far, though I still hate Viridian Forest. Cerulean could have been the first town I ended up souring on once I peered beneath the veneer.

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