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Resident Evil Village's Third-Person Mode Will Still Hide Ethan's Face From The Player

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Resident Evil fans hoping to get a good look at Ethan Winters' mug in Village's upcoming third-person mode are going to be disappointed, as the developers have admitted to working hard to make sure that his face always remains "invisible".

Because Resident Evil 7 aimed to put the player in the protagonist's shoes, its main character, Ethan Winters, wasn't really given much of a personality or face and was never shown fully in-game.

Village put a bigger focus on Ethan as a character, but continued the trend of not showing his face, always blurring it out or hiding it with shadows.

With a third-person mode on the way next month, players have been wondering whether we'll finally see his face properly. Related: Resident Evil 9 Is Leaving The Winters Behind, So What's Next For The Series?

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