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Resident Evil Village Third-Person Mode Won’t Show Ethan’s Face

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It turns out that, even with the upcoming third-person mode, it still won't be possible to see Ethan's face in Resident Evil Village, according to the developer itself.

Capcom is due to launch the Shadows of Rose DLC, which will be part of the new Gold Edition, and will be dropping on October 28.

Aside from the new story and additional characters for the Mercenaries mode, there will also be the aforementioned third-person perspective, in a similar vain to the ones in the remakes of RE 2 an RE 3.Some argue that Resident Evil should continue in third-person with subsequent entries.

On the whole, the flagship horror series has morphed over the years, going from a focus on survival to switching the entries up to be more action-orientated, and then back to horror.

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