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Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose DLC is a strong indication that the new protagonist might be the face of future RE games

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The Shadows of Rose DLC for Resident Evil Village will essentially conclude the Winters family's portion in the series' overall narrative.Shadows of Rose, which is set 16 years following the events of Resident Evil Village, now features Ethan’s daughter, who is a teenager and is employed by Chris Redfield.The Rose DLC will, according to the director, mark the conclusion of the Winter Family Tale, but there is still a good chance that gamers could encounter Rose in the upcoming Resident Evil titles.Given Rose's special abilities and the fact that players have previously experienced Capcom's distinctive survival horror style in the Village, there is a good probability that Rose will serve as a major character of the upcoming Resident Evil games.Players in Village have experienced a small amount of folklore-inspired gameplay and one-of-a-kind opponents that employ spells and magic to induce hallucinations.

This special blend of myths, beliefs, and Capcom's classic survival horror gameplay combined flawlessly to give players a wonderful experience.Players might conclude from this that Capcom is gradually shifting away from its classic survival horror gameplay in favor of more traditional and cultural influences, which will give the upcoming RE games a fresh look.Rose might be used a valuable asset for Capcom if these factors end up being the company's next influences.

Although Capcom intends to conclude the Winter family story, Rose is a character that deserves more in the forthcoming RE games due to her exceptional skills.Fans have received additional details about the additional material since the Shadows of Rose DLC was first announced.

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