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QTEs too easy in The Quarry? There’s a harder option

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Quick-time events are a staple of Supermassive Games’ cinematic horror adventures, but are the QTEs too easy in The Quarry? It’s a more mainstream game, for sure.

And while it can be annoying to botch a micro-event and have that snowball into sweeping story changes, the threat of failure ratchets up the stakes.

With a new update today, Supermassive will let The Quarry players increase the speed of QTEs to raise the tension. The setting in question, Min Timer, is under QTE Speed, which is located in the Accessibility settings from The Quarry‘s main menu.

It’s only usable in single-player. As the developers put it, “there are a multitude of outcomes you can only experience by failing QTEs, so you’re likely to see scenes you might never have otherwise — don’t be afraid to fail.” With Min Timer enabled, “even the slightest hesitation results in gruesome death when things get hectic.” Something to consider for a replay, potentially.

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