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Elden Ring Clip Shows How a High Intelligence Build Can Make Captain Niall Boss Fight Super Easy

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Elden Ring is a difficult game with an expansive open world filled with intimidating bosses. Players come across a wide range of enemies like Malenia, Mohg, Margit, Rennala, and many others.

The more time one spends in the Lands Between, though, the more adept they become at winning Elden Ring boss fights.Gamers have found that each boss has particular strengths and weaknesses and performs differently against each build.

For instance, some enemies might be more susceptible to melee damage, while others are more prone to magic and sorcery. Players now regularly come with various cheesing methods by having proper knowledge of the critical weaknesses of Elden Ring bosses.Elden Ring Player Encounters Teddy Roosevelt Co-Op PartnerReddit user Khomuna is one such Elden Ring player who has used an easy method to defeat one of the most demanding bosses in the game, Commander Niall.

The user shared a short video showing their face-off with the challenging Elden Ring boss and how they used a high intelligence build to get the better of him.

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