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Pokimane leaves fans in awe as she shares a wholesome Uber incident

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Twitch star Imane "Pokimane" recently took over the internet by sharing a cute Uber-related incident that she was a part of.

Taking to Twitter, Poki shared a story involving sneezing with her followers, eliciting quite an interesting reaction from fans.Unsurprisingly, the tweet has already gone viral, fetching over 25K likes since it went up.

Here's what exactly happened.Be it on Instagram or Twitter, Poki often shares the happenings in her life with her fans. She has documented many cute instances where she was a part of a wholesome moment; sometimes, she captures these moments in her live broadcasts and vlogs.In an interesting turn of events, one such incident, however, occurred off-camera.

The incident in question concerns her time in an Uber.In a tweet she recently posted, she said that as she was traveling in an uber when she sneezed and got a wholesome response from the driver.After sneezing, the streamer was quite embarrassed.

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