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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Treasure Hunt Could Have Multiple Meanings

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Thanks to its latest trailer, fans have had a more in-depth look into the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, providing a great deal of new information including new Pokemon, new characters, new mechanics, and its upcoming story.

Or rather, it's three upcoming stories, as it was explained how the new non-linear game design would break from Pokemon's usual traditions of collecting gym badges and forced confrontations with various villainous teams and explore similar elements through three storylines.

Of these three, one particular storyline stood out due to repeated associations throughout the trailer.Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will see players embarking on what Game Freak is determining to be a «treasure hunt.» The word «treasure» is mentioned several times in this same trailer, and combined with Scarlet and Violet's new «Terastallization» mechanic, it seems that treasure is going to be a focal theme.

This comes alongside previous fan theories of Scarlet and Violet exploring the past and future, but the idea of hunting for treasure could be the missing link behind these concepts that will help factor them into the upcoming games.What Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Academy Setting Could Learn From Fire Emblem Three HousesPresented as an «independent study project» by the trailer, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's treasure hunt will factor into the game as one of its three main storylines.

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