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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet review: Terrific games held back by technological troubles

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are finally here, and it’s safe to say that the Gen 9 games made an impression on fans right out of the gate.

These are games that many were excited about, myself included. A long-time Pokemon fan, the prospect of an open-world adventure I could take on with my friends was a seriously exciting one.Unfortunately, these games had some debilitating problems, even after a day-one patch.

Many have reported crashes that not only reset their progress but even deleted their saved files. Hundreds of videos have surfaced of ridiculous, hilarious, and frustrating bugs/glitches.However, I feel like it’s worth noting that none of those game-breaking Pokemon Scarlet and Violet bugs surfaced in my 25+ hours with the games.

That isn’t to deny their existence, or that they aren’t worth looking at. I will still discuss these problems, as they are important talking points.

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