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Pokemon Fan Makes Adorable Wooden Ornaments

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When it comes to the subject of fan art, the possibilities are endless. Some fans choose to draw their pieces digitally or paint them traditionally, while others seek new mediums to display the love for a franchise they have in their heart.For one fan, the medium they've chosen to express their love for the Pokemon franchise is wood-carving.

While many fan creations have been crafted using wood, this new construction seeks to show appreciation for the Pokemon series in the style of ornaments.RELATED: Pokemon Fan Makes Adorable Eevee CupcakeA fan artist on Reddit who goes by the name xthememoryshopx created their own Pokemon-themed ornaments designed around popular Pokemon.

There are five ornaments in total, each featuring a different Pokemon from the Gen 1 games. The first shows two Bulbasaur relaxing in a grassy clearing, while the second features multiple Squirtle swimming underwater.

One of the Squirtle is wearing the pair of shades that Ash's Squirtle dawns in the Pokemon anime series.The third ornament sees the franchise's mascot Pikachu smiling and waving its arms, while the fourth features two Charmander, with one of them being asleep.

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