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Overwatch 2 Review in Progress: Fun Game, Worrying Progression

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Overwatch 2 is a fun game, but its progression leaves a lot to be desired. Game Rant has been going hands-on with Overwatch 2 for a little over a week, and while the core gameplay is as action-packed and fun as ever, the game's slow progression is worrisome.Before diving into the progression issues, it's important to make it clear that Overwatch 2 is incredibly deep and rewarding from a gameplay standpoint.

It features a huge roster of 35 heroes at launch (including one new hero for each role), the brand-new Push mode, and some fresh maps for players to battle it out on.

And since Overwatch 2 is free-to-play, gamers across all platforms can check out all this exciting new content without paying a dime.Overwatch 2 is Getting Rid of SR and Making Other Big Changes to Competitive PlayOverwatch 2 switches to a 5v5 setup, down from the 6v6 setup that defined the original game.

To compensate for each team having one less player, Blizzard has massively buffed and reworked the game's existing Tank class heroes, while also making balance changes to other heroes across the board.

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