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Overwatch 2 Highlights Esperanca Map in New Video

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There are many new maps coming to Overwatch 2, including one based on Esperanca, Portugal. A trailer for Overwatch 2's Esperanca was posted on Twitter, showing off a lot of the areas that players will be able to go to within the new map.Esperanca will be one of the maps in Overwatch 2's all-new Push mode, which has competing teams meet at the center of the map they play on and fight to take control of a robot.

This robot then moves a barricade towards the spawn of whichever team did not take hold of it. Until the barricade is pushed to the end of the path, teams can continue to fight over the robot.

However, if neither team has won after eight minutes, whichever team has pushed the robot further and is in control of it is the winner.Overwatch 2 Loses Lead Hero Designer Weeks Before LaunchIn the trailer for Esperanca in Overwatch 2, fans get to see the layout of the map.

It begins by showing the end of the road that the robot pushes the barricade on. This area is surrounded by tall, colorful buildings.

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