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NFT-Themed Restaurant No Longer Accepting Cryptocurrency

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The NFT and cryptocurrency crash has already cost a lot of people a significant amount of money. This includes prominent online influencers such as Logan Paul and KSI, who lost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

However, whether someone feels angry, disappointed, or vindicated about this bubble bursting, they can hopefully appreciate one very ironic side effect.The plummeting value of crypto is a problem not just for investors but also for those businesses who accept cryptocurrencies as payment.

This included the NFT-themed restaurant Bored and Hungry, whose management has decided to stop accepting payments in cryptocurrency.Former PlayStation Devs Making Open World Game With NFTsAs one might guess, Bored and Hungry in Long Beach, California, is named after the Bored Ape NFTs, which took the world by storm over the last few years.

The restaurant went all-in on the aesthetics of NFT culture, decorating the walls and tables with memes and Bored Ape art. And while customers could still pay for their food with regular old US dollars, Bored and Hungry’s menus also listed prices in cryptocurrencies.

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