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New Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom patch removes item duplication glitches

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Nintendo has released a new patch for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that appears to remove item duplication glitches. The patch notes themselves are minimal, stating some audio bug fixes, a fix to the quest 'Camera Work in the Depths', and «several issues have been addressed to improve the gameplay experience».

It's this last point that presumably covers the duplication glitches that seem to have been removed. That's according to dataminer OatmealDome, as well as other reports across social media. [Tears of the Kingdom] It appears Nintendo patched the item duplication glitches in 1.1.2, judging by the discussion in the thread below. (Thanks for checking, everyone.) As previously reported, Zelda players have found a number of glitches that allowed for item duplication.

The most recently discovered, performed when gliding, was particularly easy to do. But no more! I haven't been able to test the glitches myself on the new update, but this is your warning not to update the game with this new patch if you intend to dupe your way through Tears of the Kingdom.

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