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New volatile sunspot grows 4 times bigger than the Earth; Will it unleash a solar storm?

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As astronomers continue to monitor the sunspot AR3311 for any signs of eruption, a new sunspot is making a mark on the Sun. This new sunspot was practically invisible to the telescopes of NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

But in just 24 hours, it has grown as big as four Earths combined! This exponential growth is also due to the huge amount of unstable magnetic field it harbors within itself.

Scientists had been expecting an X-class solar flare and a resultant solar storm from the existing sunspot, and the addition of this new one will complicate the situation.According to a report, “Yesterday, sunspot AR3315 was almost invisible.

Today it is four times wider than Earth. The fast-growing sunspot is breaching the surface of the sun's southern hemisphere.

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