New Sonic Origins update finally fixes Tails’ AI issues

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A new update for Sonic Mania is currently in the process of rolling out, with PlayStation players having received the update earlier today.The patch notes for the update are small, with only two items on the list giving explicit descriptions of what’s being fixed, but one issue, that being Tails disappearing off screen during hectic moments of gameplay in Sonic 2, will likely be appreciated by players.The patch notes are:In addition to this, Sega has added several Sonic 3 & Knuckles sound test features, according to @TheOcelot01 on Twitter.Sonic Origins has faced multiple issues since its release.

A prominent modder who was working on a large mod for the game even called it“absolute shit” and abandoned the project.The modder, who goes by the name Xanman, was working on a mod they were calling BetterOrigins, which promised to fix a number of bugs and other issues being reported by the Sonic community.The mod has now been cancelled, with modder Xanman saying that the modding process had made it clear to them that the game was in a poor state.

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